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Things you need to consider when buying a safe

Having a safe for yourself is a wise move. But there are a few things to consider before you buy a safe for your house. The quality of the safe you buy or customize will depend on some factors you select. Therefore you need to carefully consider the below factors before buying a safe.

Another thing you need to do is to find a reliable safety box brands Singapore. Not every safe in will ensure the safety of your belongings.

Size and storage capacity

This is the first thing you need to consider. When considering the size first you need to figure of what kind of belongings you are going to install in the safe. For smaller items such as, jewellery, documents, gold, cash or handguns you done need a huge safe. But if you are planning on installing a collection of your belongings it is better to install a bigger safe because buying two-three safes is not economically friendly.

Fire Protection

Fire ratings of a safe is extremely important. It is recommended that it is better to purchase a minimum 1 hour fire rated safe. Safes with fire ratings below that cannot protect your safe from a typical fire at house/business. Do not forget to focus on the seal of the door. Some safe do not have a fire seal, and it could not protect anything in case of a fire. Do not invest so much money on a safe without considering this factor.

Where are you going to keep the safe?

This is one of most difficult issues customers have. You should think about this before buying a safe. If you don’t have a security system in your house place the safe in a place which is not obvious. If you are considering a place with less light, then make sure to illuminate the dial when using otherwise it will be hard to type the passcode.


Warranty is not something we consider much. But when buying a safe it is extremely important to consider. If it is a large house or an office setting you could actually look for a lifetime warranty. Usually large safes comes with a lifetime warranty and every safe comes with a break-ins, fires and natural disaster repair with no charge. Most probably you will never be able to use this warranty. But it is better to get one for the amount of money you are spending.

If you consider these factors before buying a safe, you will be able to get a safe which is high quality and will protect all your belongings for any kind of disaster.





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