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4 benefits of using Fortinet firewall in the corporate context

Despite all the amazing benefits that the internet brings general public and the corporate world, it is like a nuclear power plant; both very useful and quite dangerous. But this doesn’t mean that you have to be paranoid of what goes on – not unless you have obtained the services of a cyber security firm. Despite what your antivirus company tells you, it cannot secure you and your business and there are things that antivirus algorithms may not be able to even detect.

One of the cyber security measures that you can implement is the firewall. Today, there are so many companies who offer these services to the corporate world. Amongst the all the solutions, the significance of having a fortinet singapore partner for your business is a great investment. This is due to the reliability and credibility that this particular company offers. But why exactly should you invest in a corporate firewall?

Here are 4 benefits as to why.

  • It’s an extra layer of solid security

There is no such thing as too much security. Let it be your company, your smart phone, your laptop or even your own life, taking maximum measures to protect it is the responsible thing to do. Because in a case an emergency, there would be no point about regretting about all the chances that you could make it happen.

  • Opportunity to use VPN

The use of VPN is not something that is regular. At least not in the corporate context. But in the end of the day, if you ever came across the need of relocating your IP address during certain operations or the need of hiding your IP address, using VPN is the most ideal thing to do. Given how that is a service that comes along with most of the reputed firewall solutions, utilizing it as needed comes handy.

  • Filters Emails

There is nothing as irritating have an inbox full of spammed emails, the promotions that you would never ever be interested in and most importantly, the dangerous ones. It is always ideal to avoid clicking whatever that comes up, but what if you accidentally did? This is why it is necessary to have a contingency plan. With a well functioning firewall, you won’t have to worry about emailing filtering ever again.

  • Improved data leakage prevention (DLP)

You would be amazed if you ever could see all the loopholes that your company networks and internet has. Not to mention, the vulnerability of emails as well. In such a background, the role of DLP or data leakage prevention is crucial. These are advanced algorithms that either understands the loopholes on its own or understood when pointed out and help the firewall to take care of the issues.



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