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4 questions to ask when choosing a florist for a wedding

There is no such thing as you are destined to get married once in your life. But if you go the whole course with one marriage, then you’re very lucky. Despite the fact whether this is your first marriage or the fourth, you deserve to have a beautiful wedding. And for beautiful wedding, the role of the flowers and the florist is critical. Hence, you must ask all the right questions before hiring one. But what are you going to ask?

Here are 4 solid and direct questions that would help you to choose a great florist.

  1. “How soon should I make the reservations?”

If you ever think that you’re the only person getting married on your wedding day, which is a little mistake there. There could a chance where your wedding day could be having the most number of weddings of the year. Hence, it is essential to make your reservations well beforehand. This would make the florist automatically prioritize you. In the end of the day, you will be able to hire a great florist and they won’t be unavailable.

  1. “What are the types of flowers you offer?”

Most of the high end companies who deal with multiple kinds of events have their own arsenal of flowers. What you need to understand is that, if you have a certain image in your head – it could be a color theme or something your wedding planner suggested you, your primary goal should be to find what you want, not what they have. If you specifically need wildflowers, which is a huge trend in the present, ask for them and clarify whether they know what they’re talking about.

  1. “Are you willing to work with my wedding planner?

Your florist comes under your wedding planner whereas you are at the top. If you’re the bride-to-be, you should know how important your bouquet is. That is like the secondary part of your dress. So, if it wasn’t designed and prepared by a skilled hand bouquet specialist florist singapore, you will be losing a chance to make the whole picture perfectly beautiful. On the other hand, it is better if the same florist did the floral works for the wedding venue as well. That way, everything will fit nicely into the picture.

  1. “What is the typical decoration process?”

A florist who takes a designing job must know how it is done in the practical context. Hence, it is never a bad decision or disrespectful to ask their plan on how they will be doing it. That way, you may be able to adjust the decisions that you’re not so comfortable with.



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