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Fresh Tips for Fresh Floral Decor

Keeping flowers fresh for a long timeline is it from the garden or a bouquet received as a gift requires specific attention in expanding the lifespan of cut flowers.

A few simple tricks extracted from experts and detailed below are able to provide the addition of time in enjoying the creative display for days.

Tip # 1 – Trimming Stems

Once each stem holding a flower is removed from a bundle, half an inch from the initial cut is marked for trimming. A diagonal cut is recommended to increase the surface area that water can be extracted. The process is highly effective for bundles usually delivered with rubber bands placed to hold them together. Immediately after the stem is trimmed, immersion into a vase with water is required to prevent bubbles forming within the stem.

Tip # 2 – Water Temperature

Bulbs and blooms such as tulips and daffodils requiring cooler water temperatures to extend lifespan are categorized as cool season bulbs or blooms. The increase in temperature to room levels helps with the bloom of unopened flowers with deterioration noticed faster. Room temperature recommended for cut flowers are mainly considered for bundled finished creations.

Tip # 3 – Stems & Leaves

Generally, various decors include partial leaves on stems when delivered. The leaves are required to be trimmed if noticed submerged within a vase in avoiding rot setting in. The leaves are prone to a slimy effect that causes bacteria affecting the lifespan of a flower if left untrimmed. With the option used to make a bouquet or bunch last longer, the process also creates a finer and fresh look within a vase as per experts.

Tip # 4 – Nutrition

Commercial flower food and preservatives are recommended for usage with DIY methods also widely communicated online being used for longevity of flowers. Generally consisting of sugar and acid with sugar being utilized for feed and acid to assist in absorption of water, Superfine Sugar & Crushed vitamin C tablets are options considered. 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar along with sugar are also used to serve the purpose. A small volume of bleach or vodka is used in addition to destroy bacteria feeding on the added sugar. With most florists operating with 24 hours flower delivery options utilizing commercial material for extending the lifespan of arrangements DIY methods are similarly capable of extending a blooms lifespan.

In conclusion, the care provided similarly to changing water within a vase and ensuring cool water temperature on regular basis is bound to assist in preservation of creations for a longer timeline than previously experienced.



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