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Go on a shopping trip to the Middle East

Known as an area of stand-alone Arab families historically,the area of UAE now comprises of seven emirates. The country is influenced by the Persian culture; its sea shores, for centuries have received traders as well as migrants from around the world. Due to it being a center attention of the business people, even today, it is known as a popular shopping destination.

What you need to know about UAE


The country itself is more liberal compared to its counterparts in the region who follow the same faith. One reason for this is the very topic; business. Even though their countrymen and women dress, behave and live according to their own faith, foreigners are not requested to do so. That is also one reason why an abundance of visitors come to this country. In addition to the freedom, the accommodation in here is of top class; luxury hotels in Sharjah and Dubai as well as in other emirates are of highest quality and standards. The famous artificial beach hotels, “palm beach” which is constructed to be seen from the sky as a pal tree is quite famous as well.


Traveling within the country


The country, also known for hotels of seven stars and indoor fish tanks which are the largest in the world, is very much developed in infrastructureas well. If you want to, hiring a car is the easiest to do. Even if not, if you are traveling on a budget, still there are busses and train services; maps and guidance is available everywhere; you just have to refer to them prior to getting on one. Public transportation is of very good standards mainly due to the tourist attractions of the country. It is also known as a country with good security hence you need not worry about someone stealing what you shopped!

Shopping malls


Apart from the traditional souk or souq, which is the local market place, the country boasts of two top ten biggest malls in the world. Both the Dubai Mall and Berjaya Times Square shopping malls represent their places as fifth and ninth in the world’s largest shopping sprees. The Emirates Mall is also quite large and holds many well-known brand names for value-for-money. Apart from the shopping itself, you can visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the Dubai mall as well. Nevertheless, if you are there to shop, you must not forget to visit the traditional markets such as the gold souk, spice souk and the marketplace for rugs and carpets.


What you can get in Dubai needs a book to write! So if you ever visit the country, do not miss an opportunity to peep in to these places.

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