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The Two Sets of Activities When Establishing a Firm in Another Country

Do you want to go through a trouble free process to establish your firm in another country? That is entirely possible if you know what you are doing. You will have to find information about all the tasks you have to complete to make that happen before you start the process. That way you will be able to complete every stage successfully and gain the kind of results you have always wanted to see.

If you are not sure about handling all this work on your own you can simply get the help of a consultant who is well aware of all of this. Just go to them and ask them about how to establish your firm in the chosen location as in how to register a company in Singapore. You should know there are two sets of activities to follow when setting up a firm in another country like that.

Activities before the Registration

There is a set of activities you have to get done before the registration. If you do not have these things with you by the time you apply for the permission to engage in commercial activities you will not get the result you hope to have. As for a country like Singapore you need to have at least one resident director, at least one shareholder, at least one firm secretary, etc. for the government to approve your application to set up a firm there. You might not have any way of finding a resident director or fulfilling any other requirements like that. That is where the consultant helps you. They can find you the professionals you need and make sure you have all these requirements fulfilled by the time you apply for the legal approval.

Activities after the Registration

If you think there is nothing to do after the official registration of the firm and you can start commercial activities right after, you are wrong. There are still going to be certain other activities you have to follow after the registration to make sure you have the right to engage in commercial activities in that country. For example, you will have to get a tax number for your firm, open a corporate bank account, appoint an auditor within the three months, etc. All these activities are necessary to complete if you want to keep doing business in that country.

When it comes to all these activities you can feel overwhelmed. That is why you should get the help of a professional consultant about these matters. They can help you to complete all these tasks successfully.

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