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Making Sure to Have the Right Fit

In the world of mechanics and most other things, there is something very important that one should always try to remember and that is to always make sure you have the right fit and have the right tools and equipment for the job at hand.

The reason that this is so very important is because in there are so many possible alternatives that have slightly different uses and purposes. This means that one device many not be the best device for the problem as a whole. This is why it is import to make sure that you have the right tool for the job. For example if you were fitting hydraulic pipes and pumps and values, then it is important to make sure that you have the right sealant that fits the pipes or values properly. Because if you have the wrong sealer or washer such as the pvg100, then the fact remains that the pump will not operate properly and could even fail critically and catastrophically under the loads of operation.

This of course is not a folk’s tale to scare people, but the reality as many people have made the same mistake, assuming that something will work under the usual conditions with a subpar piece. One good example for this is the airplane mechanic who put a bolt on a window that was just a little bit too large for the screw, while this was not intentional, it did nearly cost the life of the pilot flying that plane because he almost got sucked out of the plane, when the bolt failed and the windshield that it was holding in place blew out.

In other cases, the machines that are operating require the right fit to be able to operate as designed under the levels that they state. However if for example there was a pump or seal that was leaking and not keeping the pressure as desired, the equipment could slowly but steadily become deteriorated and end up failing horribly. Equipment such as cranes or diggers heavily depend on these devices not leaking their valuablehydraulic fluids because without those, they simply would never be able to work properly.

This is why it is important to remember that having the right fit all the time is very important. Something that might seem small and unimportant can very well be very important and even critical for something that does heavy or even light operations to work properly. How would you like if the breaks of your car slowly stopped working because the mechanic accidently put a sealer too small and was therefore leaking fluids each time you braked?




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