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Employment prospects for stay at home moms

There are several women who are preaching female empowerment, feminism and rights of women. But, you can see that these women also go around and criticize the other women for not being similar to them or making different choices. There are several women –who are working at the same time are rocking their personal life as mothers, wife and daughter. They serve as an inspiration to others. But, there are women who have gave up on their career and have decided to devote their life for their children and their proper upbringing.

These moms are often judged for not getting a paycheck. But, people don’t understand that women empowerment means that the women has the right to choose what she wants and some women might want to be stay at home mothers. However, if you are sick of these people judging you, here are few ideas for you that you can pursue from the comfort of your house.

Set up a small boutique or little restaurant

You can start a small business like a boutique or restaurant or even a bakery near your house or in your house. However, it is important to have proper documentation for the business and pay taxes. You do not have to look at the daily expenses of the business but make sure to look at the bookkeeping. If you are planning to have a café, you can make use of cafe crew recruitment Singapore to hire employee. But, it is important to make that the employees are trustworthy and you should always have someone you trust to oversee the shop when you are not around.

Take tuition for kids

If you can make a little time in the evening, you can make use of the time to take tuition for kids. If you are well versed in playing an instrument or a language, you can teach that to kids. You do not have to open a new studio or place for this. You can make use of your own house for this venture.

Work as a freelancer online

There are several freelancing jobs available online ranging from online article writing, content writing, proofreading and several others. These jobs have flexible working hours and you can easily tailor the job into your life.

In addition to the above mentioned jobs, you can start writing a novel or story book. You can even start your own comic strip and publish them. You can also start designing – clothes or even websites and sell them. If you can keep track of stocks, you can just invest a little amount of your savings in stock market. However, it is important to keep in mind; they are subjected to risk and can crash at any time.

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